About the Magazine

"The Khollected Magazine was an independent art and design publication that was founded and ran between 2016-2020 synthesizing the art of storytelling, both visually and typographically.

Centered at the gateway to the new world, the magazine emphasized the new wave of artists and creative individuals through our in-depth interviews highlighting the diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives of individuals in Washington, D.C. and around the globe. 

We worked under our founding motto: "Seeking Truth Through Art." The Khollected Magazine aimed to be as challenging as it is influential - to allow for an inclusive space for perspectives and ideas without prejudice, to further the conversation on topics of social, cultural and artistic trends, and phenomena from around the world. 


In an effort to find harmony between authenticity and the commercialization of the magazine industry, The Khollected Magazine and it's projects worked towards manifesting beauty in all that we did, be it in our stories or in our images."

The Art of Storytelling

The Khollected Magazine specialized in crafting the perfect story through it's beautiful writings and imagery. 

We worked with photographers, designers, and writers from over 25 countries, hosting talents featured in Vogue Italia, TIME, National Geographic, ELLE, Surface, and Complex.

Though the magazine has since folded, we have applied our strict quality standards to the medium of website design. In all of our work, we give each project a unique perspective and story, tailored perfectly to the brand at hand.

Reaching into our unique past, The Khollected, employs its diverse knowledge of fashion, architecture, editorial, and graphic design to forge brands and website that are truly one of a kind. 

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