Inna Mosina: Casting Truth

Russian photographer, Inna Mosina, discusses how a simple hobby has blossomed into an artform.


All images featured have been contributed by: Inna Mosina Photography

"Queen of Flowers" 

For photographer Inna Mosina, humans are the ultimate subjects. Vulnerable moments that exemplify one’s humanity become still images captured by her lens. She conceptualizes ideas that celebrate femininity, depicting how women relate to their surroundings and experience emotions. Striking focal points and cohesive color schemes in her images are carefully thought out decisions intended to evoke an emotional response. While much of her work displays melancholia and undefined facial expressions and body language, her optimistic outlook on life lies at the undercurrent of each image.


Mosina, who currently resides and works in Saratov, Russia, began photography as a hobby four years ago. Despite studying law, she begged for a career path more conducive to her emotional and social nature; photography became the perfect avenue. She is currently focused on a theme of reflection, looking into the soul and laying it out visually.

"Nothing is as it Seems" 

Where are you from?

INNA MOSINA: I was born in Kazakhstan, but now live in Russia.


Why did you decide to pursue photography after earning a law degree?

When I was looking for a hobby, I tried photography and fell in love with it. I also felt that I am too emotional of a person to work in the state of legal service.


When and how did you get your start with photography?

In 2014 when I began, I photographed all the people who surrounded me, everyone from grocery store workers to my close friends.


Do you feel a connection with the subjects of your photos?

Of course! Though the models are all different, each of my photos is a reflection of myself.


You mentioned on your website that you like shooting best at certain times of the day. What times and why?

I prefer to shoot at sunset or sunrise, as the sun at these times is either completely absent or very soft. Most of all I like to shoot in cloudy weather; from this there are no unnecessary shadows.

"Fluid Space" 

Where does your inspiration come from?

Anywhere, from watching a simple movie to a dialogue or dispute that I had with an individual.


How would you describe Contemporary Russian Culture is reflected in your work?

I would describe Russian culture (ancient and modern) in one phrase — power, scale, wit and pride!


Would you say that you are an introverted person?

Yes, I like to spend a great deal of time along as it allows me to search within myself to the depths of my soul.


Do you believe that your photos allow you to share your truth?

Yes, I believe that there is a truth that I, the photographer, cast and which is interpreted by you the viewer. A truth of self discovery.


You have a quote that states “I believe that every person is born happy, talented, and kind.” Why do you believe this to be true?

I do believe that this is true because every person is born happy, talented, and kind; however, we have to find it. Some people might even have to spend much of their lives trying to find it, but it is there waiting to be found, and it might even surprise you.

"New Personality"

You also do cinematography. In your experience, how does it differ from photography?

My first thought when I started cinematography was, “How inconvenient! Video equipment is far too bulky and heavy.” But you have a new instrument of influence — sound!


Which medium do you think is most effective to convey a concept or idea through?

Photography for sure because of its ability to spur a quick reaction, while film takes longer to produce and therefore takes longer to gain a reaction.


What are some limitations you find in photography and cinematography?

I do not see any restrictions, except the financial budget for the shooting.


How do you challenge yourself?

On a personal note, recently I moved into an apartment without any roommates for half a month. I remained alone in total isolation without even a television. It was no easy task, but I began to appreciate where I had previously lived before and eventually returned.


Are there any concepts or ideas that you would like to explore in your photography in the future?

I would like to learn more about social photography and video.


What are some of your goals for your career?

To change the world for the better or help at least one person with the help of my art. I want to be exhibited as much as possible and have a larger budget for myself and my film, so I can continue to develop new work.


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