How much do your services cost?

They typically begin around $5k. You will receive a custom proposal after an initial intake meeting in which we learn more about your project. Everything is custom tailored to your specific requirements to meet you where you are at with your business. We want to equip you with the tools that you need to help you succeed while leaving out any fluff you do not want.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do. We typically spread the payments across our 8-week design process. We also offer discounts for cumulative, up-front payments that can save you upwards of $1,000.

I just need a quick logo to add to my website. Can I still work with you?

Consider that a brand goes much deeper than just a pretty logo. There is intentional thought and strategy that needs to support your logo to ensure brand harmony no matter where it is applied. We want you to see a real return on your investment and in order to guarantee that success we require that all of our clients go through our full branding process to ensure that everything is cohesive and well thought-out. Should you just need a brand and not a website we offer a branding-only solution that could be perfect for you.

I have a logo that I like, I just need a website for my store/portfolio. Can you help?

We are a branding studio that works to create powerful solutions for small businesses. With that being said, we require all of our clients that are looking for NEW websites to go through our full branding process to ensure the website and its contents are well thought-out and cohesive. We want to support your bottom-line and make sure that you see a real return on your investment with us. FOR PRE-EXISTING SITES: We do offer website development services exclusively for Shopify ONLY. We have a shopify expert with over 10+ years of experience who can help consult and find solutions in your pre-existing site.

I prefer to work on a different platform other than Webflow or Shopify. Can I still work with you?

Yes, we also have experience in Wix and Squarespace and can build a website in that platform should you prefer to allow you to be more hands-on with your website and edit it more routinely past your time with us. However, we do not lower our fees to accomodate Wix or Squarespace as our strategy and custom work will outweigh the ease of development on those platforms.

How soon can I get started?

We can get you scheduled for an intro meeting as early as the next week from the time you reach out. Once that is completed we will begin to layout our work timeline and get you exact due dates and schedule on when you should expect your website/brand deliverables.

How would you explain your project timelines? What if a client fails to respond?

We work between 4-8+ weeks on all projects depending on the exact requirements of your business. We are the design experts, but you are the business expert. With that said, clients are expected to follow our program deadlines as this is an iterative process that requires client input and retrieval of information. Being a full service website/branding program, it is very much a true consulting relationship. We like to have fun and get to know you; however, as your consultant we have strict deadlines and will levy fees or set up penalties should communication falter. We are very understanding and willing to be flexible should life happen, but like every relationship - communication is key!

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